Cosmetic Surgeons Say It’s Humanly Impossible For These Idols To Become Any More Attractive Than They Already Are • Kpopmap

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Some K-Pop idols have the most beautifully optimal faces that cosmetic surgeons have been saying that it is literally impossible for them to become any more beautiful than they already are. Not even cosmetic surgery can enhance their beauty in any way because they’re that good looking. Experts have scientifically certified these idols of having

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Netizens Are Not Buying YG Entertainment’s Statement Regarding Burning Sun And BIGBANG SeungRi • Kpopmap

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YG Entertainment might have tried to convince netizens that they are not to be criticized for the current scandal involving Club Burning Sun, but have seen little success at the moment. Netizens are currently saying that YG Entertainment’s response to the scandal also doesn’t explain BIGBANG member SeungRi‘s resignation as publicity director for the club

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Plastic Surgeons Admit These 10 Idols’ Faces CANNOT Be More Good-Looking

According to specialists, the human face can be geometrically mapped, and the aesthetic measurement of ones face is directly correlated with the famous “golden ratio” or “Fibonacci’s sequence (1.618)”. Plastic surgeons have mapped out idols’ faces and found that the facial structure of these 10 idols hvave golden ratio, allowing them to be perceived as beautiful.

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