Cha EunWoo And NCT’s JaeHyun Took Pictures With Their ISAC Bowling Coach • Kpopmap

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Idol Star Athletics Championships 2019 Seollal also called “ISAC 2019” Seollal has a bowling competition. On an online community, fans uploaded pictures of ASTRO’s Cha EunWoo and NCT‘s JaeHyun with their bowling coach. To be ready for the competition, it is known that idols get trained for the D-Day. The two idols had been training for their bowling

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ASTRO’s Cha EunWoo And MONSTA X’s MinHyuk Are Helping Out Each Other With Band Aids At “ISAC 2019” Seollal • Kpopmap

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Back on Jan. 14, the recording of the bowling for Idol Star Athletics Championships 2019 Seollal also called “ISAC 2019” Seollal was held. You can check the lineup of the competition here. On Jan. 30, the channel MBC released official pictures of the bowling recording. There, ASTRO‘s Cha EunWoo and MONSTA X‘s MinHyuk were among the

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SEVENTEEN’s DK Impressed With Archery Skills, Four In The Bullseye At “ISAC 2019” Seollal • Kpopmap

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“ISAC 2019” Seollal is the occasion for fans to learn about their idols but also a place for sports competition! Throughout the years, many idols have shown impressive skills. This time, according to fans present at the recording on January 7th, SEVENTEEN wowed in archery! DK hit 4 bullseyes and that with 2 hitting the camera.

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MONSTA X’s ShowNu & SF9’s RoWoon And KiHyun & InSeong Sweet Interactions At “ISAC 2019” Seollal • Kpopmap

isac 2019 monsta x, isac 2019 sf9, rowoon shownu, kihyun inseong, sf9 monsta x

“ISAC” or Idol Star Athletics Championships is always a hot topic in K-Pop community. This “ISAC 2019” Seollal is getting fans excited with an incredible lineup (you can check it here). Yesterday, January 7th, was the recording day of the show. As always fans could not help but noticed cute interactions between groups. Seeing interaction between

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