K-Pop Idol Girl Group Brand Reputation Index Ranking For February 2019 • Kpopmap


If you’re interested in the best selling K-Pop idol group at the moment, look no further. The data provided by the Korean Brand Reputation Center shows how much influence an idol has on K-Pop consumers. Chart evaluations are based on four categories, (from the left) participation, media, communication, and community. Rekorea 1 BLACKPINK 2 GFriend 3 TWICE

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Italian Footballer Claudio Marchisio Liked Damiani’s Red Velvet Irene Promotion • Kpopmap

Italian Footballer Claudio Marchisio Liked Damiani's Red Velvet Irene Promotion • Kpopmap

Luxury jewelry brand Damiani unveiled their latest model, Red Velvet member Irene, on February 22nd. The promotion was met with an explosive and positive response from fans, raking in a hefty amount of likes. One person who definitely stood out from the rest was professional footballer Claudio Marchisio. Formerly in Juventus, the Italian footballer currently plays for Zenit Saint Petersburg and

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Cast & Summary • Kpopmap

Get It Beauty 2019, Get It Beauty 2019 joy, Get It Beauty 2019 cast, Get It Beauty 2019 tv show

Korea’s iconic beauty TV show “Get It Beauty” will be returning with a newly upgraded season this February 2019. Top model, Jang YoonJu and Red Velvet‘s Joy are chosen to be the hosts for the show. Due to her busy schedules, Joy will only be joining the show starting from the 7th episode (40 episodes planned). Joy will be the

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What Red Velvet Irene Said About North Korean Dictator Kim JongUn • Kpopmap

red velvet irene

K-Pop girl group Red Velvet performed in North Korea last year, an occurrence that not many idols get to experience. The group’s leader and member Irene was seen photographed quite close to the hermit kingdom’s dictator Kim JongUn, and has been one of the most talked about issues a while back. One analyst pointed out that it was likely Irene was

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