Rain & Kim TaeHee Neighbors With BTS? • Kpopmap

rain kim taehee

K-Pop celebrity couple Rain and Kim TaeHee reportedly made two very expensive purchases in the luxurious apartment residencies in Hannam The Hill, where K-Pop idol group BTS also currently resides in. While the couple haven’t moved in as they are living in their remodeled home located in Itaewon, it has been revealed that they purchased the apartments back in August 2018

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Technology Shows What The Most Beautiful Woman In Korea Would Look Like By Combining 15 K-Pop Stars’ Faces • Kpopmap

song hyekyo han hyojoo

Is there really a face that can be considered “the” most beautiful? After all, there are countless K-Pop stars who have visuals that have captured the hearts of people all over the world. It turns out that technology has found a way to put a stamp on “the” most beautiful face by combining the faces

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