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Here is another beauty TV show for 2019. For example, there are SoYou, GFriend’s SoWon, Lizzy, and Nam BoRa on “Trend For Me” and also Jang YoonJu, Red Velvet‘s Joy, APRIL’s NaEun & ChaeKyung, Lovelyz’s YeIn, model Irene Kim and more on “Get It Beauty 2019”. For this show, there are four MCs: Weki Meki’s Choi

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Science Shows How Compatible K-Pop Celeb Couples Really Are? • Kpopmap

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During a recent episode of MBC’s ‘Section TV’, a physiognomist talked about the compatibility of K-Pop celebrity couples by analyzing their facial features. You might begin to ask whether if it’s really even possible to assess the compatibility of coupes just by reading their facial features and expressions. While we can’t tell you for certain, there

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