ITZY’s ChaeRyeong Causes Netizens To Burst Out Laughing At Her Greeting To A Passing Truck • Kpopmap

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On Mar. 9, ITZY held a mini fanmeeting with their fans outside the recording studio for MBC “Music Core”. During that time, the girls greeted the fans sweetly and also held a short phototaking session with fans. ITZY Twitter ITZY Twitter However, when the girls were talking to their fans, a hilarious incident happened to

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ITZY ChaeRyeong’s Mother Pleads With Netizens To Stop Malicious Comments About Daughter’s Appearance • Kpopmap

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K-Pop idol sisters ITZY ChaeRyeong and IZ*ONE ChaeYeon are not new to facing criticism and malicious comments regarding their appearances. Despite their evident unique charm And it seems that their mother has had the last straw, as she took to social media to plead with netizens to stop the hate. Below is a transcript of her message to netizens.

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ITZY Chaeryeong’s Mother Pleads With Netizens Bashing Her Daughter’s Appearance

Chaeryeong just debuted with her group ITZY and they’ve already accomplished so much. For example, their debut song “Dalla Dalla” earned the group the fastest ever music show win for a girl group, winning M! Countdown just nine days after their debut. Despite the clear talent and accomplishments of each member, some netizens have started to insult Chaeryeong due

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TWICE JiHyo Unable To Tell ITZY ChaeRyeong & IZ*ONE ChaeYeon Apart • Kpopmap

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TWICE member JiHyo is currently struggling to tell the difference between two K-Pop idols, ITZY member ChaeRyeong and IZ*ONE member ChaeYeon . The two idols are also sisters and it’s no doubt that they share certain genes and physical characteristics. And in case you might have been wondering, no, ChaeRyeon and ChaeYeon are not twins. Just recently, TWICE members JeongYeon and JiHyo were arguing

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