18 thoughts on “MONSTA X – ALLIGATOR (MV Teaser)

  1. They even got an actual alligator in this. This looks so hardcore and intense, their power is crocodilian in nature. I can’t wait to hear these Cretaceous beats. Monsta X is one of the few boy groups I’m following because all their title tracks are great. This looks like it’s gonna continue the trend.


    yes good please give me all of your dancing-on-water-surrounded-by-fire scenes, i need so much more of that in my life. this song sounds sick, the mv looks fab, Jooheon with dark hair has me feeling a way, LORD I AM EXCITED.

    also i’m very glad we’re continuing with the tradition of Kihyun, Master of the MX Teaser Vocal Snippet. it is forever his duty.

  3. They weren’t kidding when they said it’d be more powerful than Shoot Out. I was honestly wondering how they were gonna pull that off but from this teaser alone I can see they weren’t lying. So much energy in such a short teaser, Monsta X never disappoints!

  4. YESSS G O D D A M N

    i always have such faith in monsta x to deliver a fantastic song and i’m so excited for this one! it feels like i’ve been waiting an eternity for them to comeback and im readdyyy

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